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Stronger, Longer
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2 Pack - 4 fl oz
DuraShield® was originally developed for application of autologous skin in wound care centers. Its polysaccharide matrix penetrates the outer layer of skin to increase the lipid barrier and form a gas-impervious protective shield against water-borne irritants and damaging environmental agents.

Stronger Protection
- Kills every bacteria, fungus, and virus it has been tested against.

Less Oil Residue - Tests have shown it provides better skin protection with less oil residue vs. several marketed skin protectants.

Lasting Protection - Lasts for hours and even persists with >50% protection after two washings with soap and water, enabling less frequent applications. Alcohol-based products stop working as soon as they dry.

Greater Moisturization - Does not contain irritating surfactants, emulsifiers, or chemical detergents so its soothing quality prevents chapped hands, a risk for pathogen transferral. Tests have shown it has greater skin moisturization vs. the leading moisturizing lotions.

Safer - Is non-irritating to eyes and skin and has no evidence of oral toxicity. Because it is not alcohol-based, there is also no risk of flammability.

Preferred Choice - Focus groups demonstrate a strong preference for it.

Enhanced Versatility - Its formulation is insensitive to added active ingredients that require a stable pH, so it is compatible with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and skin-rejuvenating ingredients.