Now available in large and small quantities

DuraShield HS eliminates the undesirable side effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers while moisturizing your skin and providing protection which lasts for hours.

  • Effective, Snitmicrobial Sanitizer

    Effective, Antimicrobial Sanitizer

    Kills every bacteria, fungus, and virus it has been tested against, while alcohol-based products only kill bacteria.

  • Caterers Feast

    Persistent Protection For Hands

    Lasts for hours and even persists with >50% protection after two washings with soap and water, enabling less frequent applications. Alcohol-based products stop working as soon as they dry.

  • BBQ Feast

    Moisturizing Sanitizer

    Does not contain irritating surfactants, emulsifiers, or chemical detergents so its soothing quality prevents chapped hands, a risk for pathogen transferral. Tests have shown it has greater skin moisturization vs. the leading moisturizing lotions.

  • On-The-Go Feast

    Protecting For Extended Periods

    Independent testing demonstrates that DuraShield HS can be applied less frequently, providing convenience of use and an overall cost reduction.

"Our facility had to close its doors to any visitors due to a contagious Norovirus outbreak. I brought out the DuraShield HS, and myself and the other nurses and nurses assistants applied it to our hands as directed. After a week of being surrounded by Norovirus-infected patients and staff, our little group of ladies that had been using DuraShield HS remained healthy and free of any sickness. It became so noticable to others in the faciliity that I was being asked to allow them to use my DuraShield HS also! We are living testimony of the effectiveness of DuraShield HS."